Clearing of the pool water

  • Poolworks will follow a standard procedure in getting your swimming pool crystal clear
  • Clearing of the pool water, balance levels, backwash, rinse, scooping, brushing, emptying of baskets



New Pumps, Pump Repairs and Reconditioned pumps

  • Sales of Speck and Quality pool pumps and motors
  • Repairs to Pool pump, we will test the motor windings before any repair is taken out on the pump
  • Reconditioned pumps are second-hand pumps made up in our workshop and carry a 1 year warranty



Crack Repairs

  • Cracks in a Gunited swimming pool develop as an effect of a weak area in the structure.
  • This can be caused from ground movement, soil type, high water table, poor workmanship or a leaking pipe


  • Your pool will lose approx 30mm of water per week to evaporation
  • If you find that you are adding more than 1800 lit of water to your pool per week you most probably have a leak
  • Leaks are worth repairing as they can cost you a lot of money in water loss or equipment strain and loss


Calculate the extent of your water loss

Sales of new sand filters, Sand filter repairs and sand changes

Pool filters work together with pool pumps
Bigger is not always better when it comes to pool pumps. A pool pump that is too large can hinder filtration and can even damage a pool’s filter and/or heater. It is therefore very important to know the size of a pool before purchasing a pool pump. If there is additional equipment (such as water features) installed into the pool, it will have to be taken it into account when deciding what size pump is going to be purchased. The more equipment is installed into a pool, the more powerful the pump needs to be.

It is important to consult with a pool equipment expert, such as Speck Pumps, before buying a pool pump. The team at Speck Pumps will be able to give our customers professional advice regarding the size of the pump they will need to purchase.

Choosing the right filter
There are two main types of filters, sand filters and cartridge filters. When it comes to choosing a pool filter, bigger is not always better. It’s wise to remember that a pool filter must always be matched to the correct size pool pump, and never the other way around.

Sand filters are the easiest type of filter to operate and maintain. The filter system works using a special type of sand that traps particles in the 20 to 100 micron range. A sand filters’ efficiency increases as it collects dirt, allowing it to trap debris more efficiently as time goes by. It is, however, necessary to replace a sand filter’s sand approximately every two to three years.

Relaying of paving and new paving installation

  • We install brick copings and paving
  • We will also relay your existing paving around your pool



Renovation of Swimming Pools



LED light spares and light replacement

  • Swimming pool lights add a special touch to a pool and livens up a garden at night.
  • Although the initial cost of buying an LED pool light cost is higher, you will save on electricity in the long run
  • The average life of an LED light is 100 000 hours.

Pool cleaners and repairs

  • Keeping your pool water moving is part of what helps to keep it clean.
  • We stock the full range of all Automatic pool cleaners to suit your budget


A qualified service technician will make 4/5 trip(s) every month
The following service is carried out on a weekly basis:

  • Backwash and rinse
  • Clean strainer basket
  • Vacuuming, leaves or leaf raking of the pool ( If needed)
  • Chemical testing of pool and balancing water with chlorine and acid (as needed).
  • Complete water analysis.
  • Skim water surface each visit.
  • Brush pool and walls of pool
  • Care and maintenance of the filter equipment.
  • Elimination and control of an algae problem (additional charges required).
  • Scooping of leaves
  • Check all equipment is operating efficiently
  • Reset timers when we arrive


A chlorinator is a device producing chlorine by using the process of electrolysis to break Sodium Chloride (or Salt) up into Sodium and Chlorine gas.  The chlorine gas is produced as often as the pool pump circulates water.

A salt pool has the following advantages:

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Health Benefits
  • Cost effective

Our preferred brand of chlorinators

Zodiac Tri series
The Zodiac TRi Series sets itself apart with built-in intelligence – computer controlled technology that monitors the pool’s chemistry and adjusts its own performance and output to match the needs of the pool (applicable to the TRi pH module). The cell integrates improved water flow with a reverse polarity feature for lower maintenance. This unique combination is the next generation in water care management!


  • An intelligent Salt Chlorinator
  • Easy to use interface
  • Expansion pack to add pH control
  • Easy access for electrode removal
  • Compact & great looking
  • Waterproof
  • Heat resistant
  • Electronic menu (English & Afrikaans)

Crystal Clear chlorinator
Crystal Clear Chlorinators AUSTRALIA have been manufacturing quality chlorinators (domestic, semi-commercial and commercial units) since 1992.
From a 6000Lt domestic pool up to 1.2mLt commercial pools).
On the domestic range we have the standard chlorinators, self-cleaning chlorinators and switch mode Eco-Chlor chlorinators. CRYSTAL CLEAR CHLORINATORS give a 5 year pro-rata warranty on the cell (best warranty in SA).

Just Chlor
J100 Standard
This unit is designed to operate in one direction (unidirectional), the electrode will have to be cleaned on a regular basis. J100 units are for pools with a volume up to 60 000 litres in capacity.
J100 Self Cleaning
Self Cleaners operate on a reverse polarity process (bidirectional) utilising the main pump timer to facilitate this switching process, namely; every time the timer switches OFF the pump and chlorinator, the chlorinator internally changes its polarity and on re-energisation for the next cycle, operates in reverse cycle. This process facilitates the self cleaning process. During this cycle, one will observe that the calcium built up (white chalky deposit) on the one set of electrode plates, will be shed and seemingly transposed onto the opposing set of plates.
J200 Standard
J200 Units are typically used for pools that have a volume of between 60 000 and 120 000 litres in capacity. This unit is designed to operate in one direction (unidirectional), the electrode will have to be cleaned on a regular basis
J200 Self Cleaning

New swimming pools


Fibreglass Pool Shell

  • Pre moulded
  • Can be installed in 10 Days
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Fibreglass pool shells are not abrasive and there are no sharp edges
  • The high tensile system allows the fibreglass shell to flex without cracking

Gunited Swimming Pool

  • Design of your choice
  • R8 steel
  • Gunited
  • Your choice of finish:
  • Fibreglass with poolcoat finish 
  • Marble plaster

Backwash Tanks

Ecogate Backwash tank

  • The ecogator pool backwash tank is easy to use and eco-friendly. It stores and cleans backwash water and re-cycles it back to your swimming pool.
  • The system could be installed near or far from your pool.
  • Just connect the backwash outlet pipe from the pool pump to the ecogator inlet pipe and pump the water into the tank.
  • The water is chlorinatored with a special inline slow release chlorinator to clean it. This water is then left in the tank for 24hours to allow the sediment
    and debris to settle at the bottom of the tank.This assists in maintaining your pool water level without wasting precious drinking water. The system also has a by pass function to by pass backwash
    water when needed.
  • This is ideal when :“wasting” the pool to get rid of severe sludge build up(water not suitable for re-cycling or with the first seconds
    of the backwash water running through the system.
  • This system is installed as an add on to your existing pool filtration system.
  • It was designed to be installed by yourself and comes complete with an installation manual and operating instructions


 During filtration the swimming pool water is pumped into the filter where sediment and dirt are trapped in the sand bed, allowing only clean water to return to the pool.

The system is simple but brilliant, and so easy to use.  Instead of doing the normal backwashing down the drain, connect your backwash waste-line to the inlet connection on the top of the tank and connect a return pipe to the fitted valve at the bottom of the tank to your pool.  Water can now be pumped into the tank.  Once done with the backwash and rinse processes, treat the water with a bit of chlorine and a flocculant (available at your nearest pool shop) and let the water settle for a day.  The water can then be “pumped” back into the pool via gravity feed by opening the fitted valve at the bottom of the tank! **Optional extra valves and fittings are available for you to choose from to custom make the tank for your specific needs.

Points to note in the installation:

The tank installation requires a solid and level base free from any sharp objects.
All fittings and connections must be glued properly using PVC glue.